English Language Learners

This page is designed to assist our ELL’s (English Language Learners) 2022 – 2023. As more resources become available We will add them to this site. If you have a recommended site, please email it to Mr. Skopp (askopp@philasd.org), to be evaluated and possibly added. 


Google Classroom tutorial


A tutorial in Spanish for how to use google classroom: 

Google Classroom tutorials in many languages (IMPORTANT: these were created by New York and so one small section references signing into the NYC learning portal. You need to let students know to replace that part with Philasd.org) 


Get Help page – Kind of general!

  • There are a lot of YouTube tutorials here for ChromeBooks, Google Meets, Google Classroom

Multilingual Curriculum & Programs – Home

Family and Community Resources

Family – Chinese

Family – Russian

Family – Albanian

Family – French