School Day Start And End Times (During Normal Start Of School Year)


Our normal school day will still run 9:00am for student until 3:39 P.M.






Entering The Building:






Respect for our Neighbors, our Community, our Building & Campus:

The school day begins when the student leaves the home in the morning and returns to the home in the afternoon.  Proper behavior is expected of every student traveling to and from school.  All school rules apply.  Respect the property of our neighbors.


Health Services:




Report Cards:

Report cards are issued FOUR times during the school year. Dates are as followed:

  • November
  • February
  • April
  • Last Day Of School Final Report Card June 14th, 2022

Report card conferences for parents will be scheduled and announced as soon as possible.

Interim Reports may be sent to parents between report cards for students failing or in danger of failing a particular subject.
Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s Counselor or Teacher to discuss progress at any time throughout the year.

Fire Drill Regulations & SHELTER IN PLACE:

Fire drills are held periodically in compliance with State law, a minimum of 10 times during the school year. The signal for a Fire Drill is the sounding of the fire alarm followed by the ringing of the school bell. Procedures for Fire Drills are strictly enforced:
·   Students must be silent throughout the fire drill. Students form a double line and follow the teacher, moving quickly and quietly to the designated waiting area. Roll is taken.
·   When the bell sounds again, the staff and students quietly return to the school.
·   The Fire Drill is not concluded until the last person has returned into the building.

Shelter-In Place is a protective action that means to stay indoors. Propel has developed and implemented a Shelter-In-Place drill to protect and house students and staff in the event of a chemical or biological danger outdoors.